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Terms and conditions

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Pharmawide Sales (Aust) Pty Ltd will replace any product which fails due to a manufacturing fault within 3 months of purchase (proof of purchase date must be provided).

Please Note:

Most problems experienced can be overcome by reading through our Frequently Asked Questions, or calling us on 0488 805 711.

The Urosensor™ on the DRI Sleeper® Excel, (plug-in model), is a consumable item, and it is expected that it will need replacing from time to time, just as the earphone on a portable radio will need replacing from time to time. Remember that an earphone may last varying times depending on how carefully or otherwise it is used, especially when being used by a child, and so the life of the DRI Sleeper® Excel  Urosensor™ will vary, and it cannot be predicted exactly how long it is expected to last.

For this reason our advice is to purchase a spare Urosensor™  when you buy your DRI Sleeper® Excel, so that there is no break in treatment while waiting for a replacement.  A special price is available for an extra Urosensor when you add it to the standard DRI Sleeper Excel package.

The Urosensor™ of the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse is not a consumable item. However, its life is limited only by the life of the internal battery (two to three years). However, if lost or damaged, replacements can be purchased for $60.00. 

The DRI Sleeper® Excel  batteries last up to 6 months (and often longer) and the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse alarm battery can last 3 months if the alarm is used nightly for this period and the alarm triggers twice a night. However to maximize battery life both the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse and DRI Sleeper® Excel  need™ to be switched off/unplugged when not in use.


While we make every attempt to ensure that the online store reflects the availability of stock sometimes an item shown to be available may be out of stock. If an item you order is out of stock we will contact you as soon as possible and advise a delivery date.


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